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    Quad Circular LNB
    ◆ 11.7 to 12.75GHz Ku band range. ◆ Low consumption.
    ◆ Polarity selectable by 13V/18V. ◆ Variety of shape options.
    ◆ High efficient and low phase noise. ◆ Voltage tolerance design for different receivers.
    ◆ High Frequency Stability. ◆ Weather protection by rubber boot(optional).

    RF Input
    Input Frequency 11.7~12.75GHz
    IF Output
    Outut Frequency 950~2000MHz
    Output VSWR 2.0:1(Max.)@25℃
    Output Impedance 75Ω
    Output Connector F-Type (Female)
    Local Oscillator
    L.O Frequency 10.75GHz
    L.O Frequency Stability ±1.0MHz(Max.)@25℃
    ±3.0MHz(Max.)-40℃ to @+60℃
    LO Phase Noise -60dBc/Hz @1KHz Offset
    -80dBc/Hz @10KHz Offset
    -100dBc/Hz @100KHz Offset
    Conversion Performance
    Conversion Gain 60dB (Typ.)
    Gain Flatness ±3 (Max.)
    Gain Ripple ±0.5dB (Over 27MHz Bandwidth)
    Noise Figure 0.7dB (Typ.)
    P1dB Compression Point 3dBm (Min.)
    Image Rejection 45dB (Min.)
    Cross-Polarization Isolation 22dB (Min.)
    Operating Temperature -40℃ to +60℃
    Power Requitements
    Polzrization Selection Voltage RHCP:10.5~14.5V,LHCP:15.5~21V
    Operational Current 150mA (Max.)
    * Technical data is subject to change without further notice.